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Today's Tweets - The Borg Blog
My daily life. Wow, exciting.
Today's Tweets
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  • 18:43 Fuck. Landlady inspection tomorrow. Thanks, bitch! #
  • 18:49 *cough* Allow me to rephrase. Drat! Just found out landlady wants 2 pay surprise visit tomorrow. How irritating! #
  • 18:53 Practical upshot is, that now my plans for the night have completely changed. Drat! (curbing the use of stronger language, but it's hard) #
  • 19:27 No, I am ashamed to say that it was a, shall we say, "extremely frustrated" me, and I'm in the process of redacting it. My sincere apolo ... #
  • 19:43 I'm not in my frame of mind. It's been a hellish week, #
  • 19:44 I'll probably be going offline for the rest of the night. No need to inflict my troubles upon the rest of the world. Goodnight all. #
  • 19:51 @msgeek93 Believe me, if we were 100% ready to GTFO, I'd LOVE to tell her where she can shove her inspection. Unfortunately not there yet. #
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