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Today's Tweets - The Borg Blog
My daily life. Wow, exciting.
Today's Tweets
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  • 01:01 Dear Mac Pro: Why won't you let me eject my external hard drive? You claim some program is using it but I'm not running any right now! Baka. #
  • 13:14 Is anybody at #AnimeExpo audio and/or video recording "Anime Treasure Hunters" panel @ 3pm? I'm still on the road and won't make it in time. #
  • 15:05 Ugh. This Twitter API limit is really starting to cramp my style... #
  • 19:47 I'm at Kawada Hotel (200 S Hill St, Los Angeles). 4sq.com/6t4TCJ #
  • 21:29 Finally made it to #AnimeExpo. Horrible traffic! Unfortunately reg closed at 6. They really need later reg/badge pickup for out-of-towners. #
  • 21:31 As a result we're missing the AMV's tonight. Good news is that there's a rescreening Saturday at 1PM. Still, kind of a bummer. #AnimeExpo #
  • 21:37 Latest headcount of ppl attending my panels: Podcasting panel - 36, Photography panel - 79. WOW!! Guess I better finish prepping my slides #
  • 21:45 Hey @AnimeExpo you guys really need badge pickup that's open late. Had 2 work, then stuck in traffic, got in 8pm, now we have to miss AMV :( #
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